Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Car Parks and Parking Fees

Car Parking, Photo: Shutterstock/Creation

Klagenfurt has plenty of parking available, with around 4.200 parking spaces either inside or along the Ring, including 1.720 close to the town center. Outside the Ring, many parking areas are free of charge, while some do require payment of a parking fee. Please pay close attention to the signs!

Short-Term Parking Zones
Klagenfurt has the lowest short-term parking fees of any Austrian provincial capital. Within the Ring the first 90 minutes costs just 60 cents, and outside only 30 cents! The maximum parking time is 3 hours. In the zones where parking fees apply, multi-track vehicles may still park for 10 minutes free of charge: your arrival time has to be displayed clearly and accurately to the minute (for example, by placing a handwritten note behind the windshield). After 10 minutes, however, a valid paid parking ticket is required.

Complete information about parking fees in Klagenfurt can be found HERE