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Working at the café, Photo: Franz Gerdl

Just imagine, after a day spent filling your mind with new information, simply dangling your feet in the Wörthersee or sauntering through the magical historical district in the gentle evening light. Here with us, you can do both. Discover the city, the lake, and the nature all around you. Without even a hint of stress.
Take full advantage of the variety afforded by Klagenfurt am Wörthersee and its surroundings. Excite your customers, colleagues and conference guests with extraordinary locations. Discover ideal venues for special events, congresses, trade shows, conferences, seminars or meetings. We will assist you in selecting event spaces, designing side programs, organizing sightseeing tours, and providing participants with brochures in various languages.

Enjoy all the benefits of our service and expertise. For events with that extra “wow” effect that are certain to leave everyone with lasting positive impressions.

Five with one single goal – Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Tourism Region

Working at the café, Photo: Franz Gerdl
Business man strolls through the city, Photo: Franz Gerdl
Taking a break in the park, Photo: Franz Gerdl

We will provide you with all the support you need when it comes to planning, reservations and organization of your side program. Professional and individual. To make your event an absolute hit!

Klagenfurt - the city on Wörthersee

Courtyard with arcades, Photo: Franz Gerdl
Lake Wörthersee and Lendkanal, Photo: Wolfgang Handler
Armorial Hall in Klagenfurt´s Landhaus, Photo: Fritzpress

Time for totally laid-back enjoyment. Feel the charm of Italian architecture in the historical district. Visit castles, museum and a wealth of attractions. Shop at markets and traditional shops. Just a stone’s throw from the idyllic eastern bay of Lake Wörthersee. Action and relaxation, Events and culture. This is what Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is all about.

Highlights away from your conference venue:

  • Guided walks through the historical heart of the city
  • Historical highlights: Heraldic Hall at the Landhaus, the steeple of the parish church, nostalgic rides on a vintage bus or ship  
  • Art and culture: Stadttheater, Stadtgalerie, Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, Fuchskapelle chapel
  • Museums: Robert Musil Literature Museum, Eboard Museum, ArchitekturHaus Kärnten, museum tram
  • Animal and nature experiences: Happ Reptile Zoo and Schloss Mageregg Animal Park
  • On Lake Wörthersee: Wörthersee ferry service, Minimundus, planetarium

Ebenthal - for nature lovers

View of Ebenthal
Höflein Moor
Castle Ebenthal

Conduct training close to a historical castle and church; with excellent dining opportunities available. In your breaks, relax in the forest or on the riverbank. Ebenthal offers all of this and more. Bike through pristine countryside. Hike in Höflein Moor nature sanctuary, and discover the white sycamore trees, a natural monument.

Grafenstein - home of enjoyment

Municipal office Grafenstein
Church Saager in Grafenstein
Castle Orsini-Rosenberg

Unspoiled nature, rural character. In its midst, a culinary magnet. And after your seminar, with your palate pleased and your tummy full, set out with an insider on a castle tour or stroll in the footsteps of architect Clemens Holzmeister. Find peace at the romantic parish church. Jump up into the saddle and discover the riparian landscapes along the banks of the Gurk or Drava rivers. In Grafenstein, ages-old skills are alive and well. And enjoyment has so many wonderful faces.

Maria Saal - the pilgrimage town

Tonhof Maria Saal, Foto: Stefan Schweiger
Maria Saal Cathedral, Photo: Wolfgang Handler
Zollfeld near Maria Saal, Photo: Richard Brachmaier

Meet on the historic soil of the Zollfeld. Draw on the energy of the imposing pilgrimage church to generate new ideas. In the break, take a stroll on the main square. Retrace history in the Virunum Roman amphitheater or at the outdoor museum. Visit the Duke’s Chair. Encounter artists at the Tonhof. Experience all of this, and more, here in the market town of Maria Saal.

Poggersdorf - rich in diversity

Celtic well near Wabelsdorf, Photo: Ogris
Gurk Power Station Poggersdorf
Pagoda of the Dhamma Light in Poggersdorf

Fields and meadows give you lots of room to think. Strategize during a stroll through the countryside. Make a stop at the Celtic fountain. Attend a meditation course at the Dhamma Light Pagoda, a member of “International Meditation Centres Austria”. In the technology museum at the Rain an der Gurk power plant, look back on the very beginnings of electrical generation. Poggersdorf: a small but colorful community.


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