The Kammerlichtspiele venue – once a cinema – has a long tradition as a meeting place. Peter Turrini himself admitted that he played truant from school to enjoy the dimly lit cinema atmosphere there. Now there is an open house established here at Kardinalplatz square, which has as much to offer jazz fans as it does friends of the theatre.

The Kammerlichtspiele is one of the few places in the city which plays host to jazz music. The mention of jazz might conjure up an image of grey-haired men playing random improvisations on a saxophone. Here, however, you will also find many young jazz musicians, and even big names like Eddie Luis from Graz. The jazz that is performed here is light and easy on the ears. It covers practically the whole American Songbook from Louis Armstrong to Joe Zawinul.


12.01., 8pm: Eddie Luis and his Jazz Passengers
16.01., 8pm: KONSE Profs on Stage
23.01., 8pm: Triple Ace – Colours in Jazz
26.01., 8pm: Leo Kysèla
29., 30., 31.01., 8pm: KONSE Jazz Nights

02.02., 8pm: Heinz von Hermann
09.02., 8pm: Eddie Luis and his Jazz Passengers
20., 21.02., 8pm: Öffentliche Diplomprüfungen KONSE
24.02., 8pm: Half//Half

02.03., 8pm: Eddie Luis and his Jazz Passengers
03.03., 8pm: Streetview Dixie Club
14.03., 8pm: KONSE Big Band feat. Don Menza
15.03., 8pm: Klakradl (Radeschnigs &:klak:)


Schneewittchen Plakat cjazz club Theater Kukukk

03. – 06.01.2018, 4pm
19.01.2018, 10.30am
19.01.-21-01.2018, 4pm
05.02.-08.02.2018, 10.30am: Schneewittchen und die zwei Zwerge (5+) – Theater KuKuKK

27.01. & 01.02., 7pm: Valentin entdeckt Amerika (12+) – Theater Rakete

22.02., 4pm: Die Königin der Farben (4+) – Theater Feuerblau

20. – 22.03., 10.30am
23., 26., 27., 28., 29.03., 4pm: Ein Känguru wie du (8+) – Teater ISKRA


Adlergasse 1
9020 Klagenfurt
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