Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Arkadenhof Stift Viktring, Foto: G. Eggenberger

„DIVERSITY – 40 Years Grammar School Viktring/Klagenfurt

Diversity and variety in local and international area is the topic of the 1917-festival of MUSIKFORUM VIKTRING, which will take place between 8th and 29th of July.

The first concert is already given on 26th of May: „Viktring Young All Stars – All Young Stars“. One of the most successfull and internationally famous musicians being educated at Grammar School of Viktring is KNUT WEBER, solocellist at Munic Philharmonic Orchestra. He and four other brillant artists will show a rare program including contemporary and classical music. Details to this concert under

To complete the musical world-yourneys through the five continents (in the years 2012-2016) this festival will focus on the sounds of ANTARKTIS, the 6th continent on the southern hemisphere of our world. And, moreover, there will be payed attention to the old myth of hidden island of ATLANTIS. It was always considered as a place of ideality and desire. To keep this dream alive is the goal: Atlantis resurrexit!

8th. - 29th. July 2017

Musikforum 2017

deltaconcept; Foto: Musikforum Viktring
Puschnigworks; Foto: Musikforum Viktring