A forest in the stadium

In September and October 2019, an authentic forest will be exhibited at the Klagenfurt Stadium, with the playing field being completely covered by a mixed forest. From the grandstands, spectators can admire the spectacle of the trees day and night (from 10:00 to 22:00) with free admission. The resulting image will have a strong surreal expressiveness.

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Wörthersee Stadium: 8 September to 27 October


The Indomitable Force of the Attraction of Nature

"FOR FOREST. The Indomitable Force of the Attraction of Nature" a temporary art intervention by Klaus Littmann (Littmann Kulturprojekte) based on a drawing by Austrian artist Max Peintner. This project places Austria's most modern stadium at the centre of national attention, through a completely new artistic intervention of rare size.


The intervention

A vast work of art

With the international art project For Forest, the Wörthersee stadium in Klagenfurt 2019 will become a spectacular artistic location.

"Nature itself is an enormous work of art – so why not devote a small one to nature in return?” Klaus Littmann

The present work of art came about like this: At the beginning was a painting created by the artist and architect Max Peintner in 1970/71. Artists are often ahead of their time when they choose a theme, and Peintner already suspected that nature would become a central topic in future. Klaus Littmann wanted to buy the painting 30 years ago, but found that it is owned by an American collector. However, the idea of turning it into reality never left him.Then a stadium came along where the project could be realised, as well as an appropriate time slot – the autumn of 2019. Thirdly, there was the city of Klagenfurt that enthusiastically approved this project.

Broad spectrum

The indomitable fascination of nature: the project is an art installation, a sculpture, an experiential space that allows visitors to consciously engage with the work of art. It is also intended as a warning: one day, we might have to admire nature in specially assigned spaces, as is already the case with zoo animals. The intervention therefore sensitizes the wider public towards subject such as ecology, art, nature and artificiality.


The drawing

An image and its charisma

Over the years, Max Peintner's "The Indomitable Force of the Attraction of Nature” has become a multifaceted icon and a thought-provoking impulse that goes beyond the realm of fine arts.The work has found its place into more than 20 German-language textbooks and schoolbooks as well as teaching material from France, Denmark, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In the meantime, the far-ranging message of the image has come to be seen as a multiple impulse for philosophy, socio-culture, biology, ecology, anthropology and literature.


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Die ungebrochene Anziehungskraft der Natur - Max Peintner Die ungebrochene Anziehungskraft der Natur - Max Peintner (c) FOR FOREST

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