Exactly one day before New Year’s Eve – on 30th December – the farmers celebrate their own New Year’s Eve, the Farmers’ New Year’s Eve. Customs, fun and modern games, Carinthian dishes and music by “Edlseer” – traditional music – will see out the old year.

Farmers’ New Year’s Eve with the “Edlseer”

30th December 2019 Neuer Platz, starting at 4pm
Carinthian New Year’s Eve traditions, regional dishes, schnapps to warm up, with cool music and an unusual souvenir photo make the Farmers’ New Year’s Eve the place to be in the city.

• Farmers’ oracle • Barn photo box • Lucky blacksmith • Clog throwing • Fencepost counting • Hat hopping

With entertainment from:
4pm "Ebersteiner Kirchtagsmusi"
7.30pm "Die Lauser"
9.30pm "Die Edlseer"

Start the New Year with a flirt at the Bauernsilvester
The practice does not have religious roots as such, but an impressively long history: In the year 46 BCE, Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar, which still marks the passage of time today and which shifted the start of the year from 1 March to 1 January, marking out 31 December as New Year’s Eve. The day before was dedicated to preparations for the feast, to cleaning and tidying, but also to get-togethers and to playing tricks on people. Eating and drinking, the traditional manifestations of celebrating life, were an integral part of all this. For the younger rural population, the Bauernsilvester (literally: “Peasants’ New Year’s Eve”), had another interesting aspect, as it provided an opportunity – not particularly frequent in farming communities – to meet persons of the other sex, maybe even to lay the ground for announcing an engagement the following year.

Bild: Bauernsilvester Bild: Bauernsilvester Foto: (c) Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

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