Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Pure Culture

Kiki Kogelnik Fountain, Photo: Helge Bauer

The sightseeing highlights in Klagenfurt are many, both culinary and cultural. Even by dint of their very existence, numerous monuments in the downtown area tell us fascinating stories of earlier times, of the city’s history, of its tales and legends. During city tours in Klagenfurt, our expert guides are delighted to share stories of mystical figures and spine-tingling events that are bound to enthrall you. Art and culture can also be experienced in abundance here in our provincial capital: at museums, galleries, theatres and clubs that are more than happy to provide a venue for young creative forces alongside established international greats. Equally attractive are our family excursion destinations, as are places of complete relaxation and escape, both out on the water as well as in our forests and parks.