Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Life at the Lake Wörthersee

Couple in a rowboat, Photo: Franz Gerdl

“Where there’s water, there’s life”, as everyone knows. And what better example than Klagenfurt, the city that stands proudly on the wonderful eastern bay of Lake Wörthersee. Three lakeshore resorts (Klagenfurt, Loretto and Maiernigg) provide all the space you could wish for to refresh yourself in, on and alongside the clear waters of Wörthersee. There’s no shortage of opportunities for fun and action, either, including the big Europark with a skate park and adventure park opened in summer 2014. Last but not least you can find a beautiful camping site near the lake - click HERE for more information.

Impressions from the East Bay in Klagenfurt

Peninsula Maria-Loretto, Photo: Kulterer
Lake Wörthersee and Lendkanal, Photo: Wolfgang Handler
Eastern bay of lake Wörthersee in the evening, Photo: Wolfgang Handler
Eastern bay of lake Wörthersee, Photo: Helge Bauer