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Klagenfurt stands for Alps-Adriatic culinary experiences, quality of life between the old town and the lake, and a sporty and active lifestyle. These three factors are closely interwoven and are especially reflected in the provincial capital’s lively sports scene. The mixture of Mediterranean ambience and alpine scenery makes this Renaissance city and the region surrounding it perfect for a wide variety of sporting activities. In the turquoise waters of Lake Wörthersee or on the unspoilt slopes of the Southern Alps – the backdrop is an absolute treat for the eyes of hobby athletes and professional athletes alike.

Sports Events in 2020:

- Wörthersee Triathlon: 29.-31.5.2020
- Klagenfurt City Run: 6.6.2020
- Lendkanal Crossing: 28.6.2020
- Ironman Austria: 5.7.2020
- Carinthia Runs: 21.-23.8.2020
- Wörthersee Swim: 5.- 6.9.2020

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Keep on swimming – in one of the warmest alpine bathing lakes, Lake Wörthersee: from 5th to 6th September 2020 at the Wörthersee Swim.

Arrive at the eastern bay of the lake in Klagenfurt, the southernmost provincial capital of Austria, characterised by Italian Renaissance architecture. The destination is Strandbad Klagenfurt, an art nouveau building with beautiful, white, wooden beach huts: the largest lakeside lido in Europe.

That’s what makes this the largest open water swimming competition in Europe: the Wörthersee Swim takes place on 5th and 6th September in Lake Wörthersee and attracts swimmers from around the world to Carinthia. The aim of this event is to bring together the entire open water community which, thanks to their high performance standards, attracts not just international media interest but also a growing number of participants.

This community with members of all ages enjoys practising long-distance swimming thanks to its team spirit and the fun of being together. This event takes place amidst the most impressive surroundings you can imagine: the athletes start in the turquoise Wörthersee water in Velden and swim to Strandbad Klagenfurt. Due to the size of the lake, it is possible to swim the entire distance of 17 kilometres without turning. As an alternative, two other distances of 9 and 3 kilometres are also offered to meet the needs of the various participants.

The scenery, the coordinated organisation and efficient safety management surrounding the sport guarantee a unique event that is internationally unrivalled.


When: 5.-6.9.2020
Where: Strandbad Klagenfurt
Distances / Programme / Registration:
Weizelsdorf 156
9162 Strau
Phone: +43 660 8218 976
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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WÖRTHERSEE SWIM 2020 (c) Wörthersee Swim

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