My perfect day in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee.

Start yours in Klagenfurt with a relaxed stroll through the Old Town. Browse in the many exclusive and small boutiques, walk past the Wörthersee-Mandl and the Lindwurm, and stop off at one of the many cafés for refreshment. Then it’s time for the “3 countries – 3 tastes” tour of the city, based on Klagenfurt’s unique location with the three corners of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. As part of this tour you will hear the history and stories of the Alps-Adriatic region and also find out about Carinthian customs. At the end of the tour you will visit the popular Benediktinermarkt marketplace, which awaits you with culinary delights from Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia – tasting encouraged! We recommend you try a lunchtime menu at the legendary Stand 17 at the market - the food is excellent. In 2014, Christian Gabilier who runs it was awarded the Austrian Gastronomy Oscar “Trophée Gourmet à la Carte”. The search for fine food now continues on two wheels. Borrow a bike from one of the Nextbike stations and cycle at leisure along the cycle path next to the Glan River. You can stop off at the Sussitz wine store or in the Pfau Distillery on the way. Then you can give the bike back or continue over the Kreuzbergl to the eastern bay of Lake Wörthersee. If that sounds too much like hard work, simply take the bus from the Heiligengeistplatz square to the lakeside lido. Here you can enjoy the evening atmosphere on a stroll along the promenade as the sun sets. You will then find yourself at the doors of Villa Lido, where you can enjoy an excellent Mediterranean dinner on the shores of Lake Wörthersee.

Did you know …

- that the stone that was used for the Lindwurm Fountain on Neuer Platz came from the Kreuzbergl?
- that the brewery in which the delicious Schleppe beer is brewed was founded over 400 years ago?
- that the Kreuzbergl was visited by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1850?
- that Strandbad Klagenfurt is the largest lakeside lido in Europe?
- that the Sattnitz estuary has been declared a nature conservation area?
- that the Benediktinermarkt marketplace in Klagenfurt has been running for nearly 70 years?
- that only 17 holes in one have ever been made at the relatively new Klagenfurt-Seltenheim golf club?

10 things bon vivants must see in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

1. Europapark. Klagenfurt’s local recreation area with a size of 22 hectares. Great for strolling and relaxing. Has a huge children’s playground. 
2. Kreuzbergl. A forest in town. Two small lakes, an observatory and the Zillhöhe viewpoint await you.
3. 151er. A well-hidden in-restaurant in Klagenfurt-Viktring. Award-winning.
4. Schleppe Brewery. The secrets behind the tasty combination of hops and malt are revealed in guided tours from Monday to Friday. Tasting included. 
5. Benediktinermarkt and Waidmannsdorf weekly markets. Carinthian delicacies and Alps-Adriatic specialities of the highest quality. Stroll around, taste, enjoy. 
6. Minimundus. The miniature world on Lake Wörthersee shows faithful replica models of the greatest buildings around the world.
7. Pfau Distillery. Schnapps and fine brandies of world-class standard. Purchases can be made directly from the manufacturer at Schleppeplatz 1. 
8. Leisurely cycle tour along the waterways. Tarmac paths and few hills. From the Glan River to the stream in Wölfnitz, the ponds in Hallegg, Lake Wörthersee, the Lendkanal, the Sattnitz River, and back to the Glan.
9. Maria Loretto Castle. Sit on the Maria Loretto peninsula, with the castle behind you, the lake in front of you, and enjoy a glass of prosecco. 
10. Stadttheater Klagenfurt (city theatre). Is the starting point for the Klagenfurt Cultural Mile, with its beautiful facade and excellent productions.


Winter in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is an incomparable time. When the busy days of summer have died down and quieter times are here, you have the opportunity of exploring the city’s beauty in peace. In November, when it gets light later and darker earlier, the streets of the city centre are lit by festive lights. Then the Christmas market on Neuer Platz once again invites you to begin your Christmas shopping. Candles, frankincense, woolly hats, kitschy angels and a red-cheeked St Nicholas bring the Christmas of times long past back to life. You will also find Christmas delicacies such as cookies, toffee apples, grilled sausages and, of course, mulled wine and punch. This quiet time is perfect for discovering the cultural side of Klagenfurt. Galleries such as the Kunsthaus: Kollitsch, the Stadtgalerie or the Carinthian Museum of Modern Art offer excellent exhibitions by classic and contemporary artists. A wonderful thing to do now would be a visit to the Stadttheater city theatre, which always has a typical Christmas performance in its repertoire. There is no need to be afraid at the beginning of December, when the largest “Krampus” parade in Carinthia takes place. Many scary figures run along the Bahnhofstraße and Alter Platz, while visitors’ ears are filled with the noise of the bells that they wear on their hips. In contrast, the Silent Advent is celebrated quietly during the entire pre-Christmas period, all around Lake Wörthersee. From Friday to Sunday, at various locations, musical performances by choirs and musicians take place. Then not so silently, it is time to welcome the new year. If New Year’s Eve is your favourite celebration, then you are in luck if you find yourself in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee at this time. Here you can celebrate twice. On 30th December, the Farmers’ New Year’s Eve celebration takes place on Neuer Platz. There is dancing, a real sow whose nose you can rub (for luck), mulled wine and punch and also a blacksmith showing off his work. On 31st December, it’s time for the second celebration – traditional and with fireworks, sparkling wine and salmon canapés. And the next day, in the new year, you can visit the eastern bay of Lake Wörthersee to enjoy the peace, which offers a unique backdrop in winter. “Is schon still uman See” (it’s already quiet around the lake) just like the title of a Carinthian song, but it is also beautiful.

Bild: Ostbucht Familie Bild: Ostbucht Familie Foto: (c) Arnold Poeschl