Sporting Activity

Breathe the fresh air amidst unspoiled natural surroundings, in green forests, on the water or on the golf course. Klagenfurt is famous for major sporting events such as the Ironman, Kärnten läuft (the annual half marathon road running race), or the United World Games. Sport plays a major role here all year round.

In which city can you set off on a hike right from the city centre? Go hiking through the breathtaking scenery on the Kreuzbergl. Or discover the surrounding mountains, which make every hiker’s heart beat faster. Here you can enjoy the beautiful landscape in peace and total relaxation.

The Kreuzbergl and the half marathon route offer ideal running territory with a decent view. On the many different routes to the Zillhöhe, you will make unexpected discoveries on your way.

The ideal choice for a cycling holiday. You are sure to find a suitable route, whether with the family, on a road bike or a mountain bike. Thanks to the perfect location on Lake Wörthersee, from here you can reach all the leisure facilities in the region by bike and explore the cosy surroundings.

Lake Wörthersee calls for activities in and on the water. On hot summer days you can find refreshment on the lakeside beaches. Let the wind blow through your hair while sailing or rowing. Discover the Wörthersee architecture on a stand up paddle tour.





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