Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is the triathlon Mecca

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee offers the perfect training conditions for triathletes. Whether it is in the water, on your bike or in your running shoes – in the home city of the Ironman Austria none of the disciplines miss out.

Swim, bike, run, repeat. Where better to do so than in the home city of the Ironman Austria? Right on the doorstep of the pleasantly warm Lake Wörthersee, there are not one but two official Ironman bike circuits in the surroundings, as well as a variety of running tracks in all directions. So it is not surprising that many people from Klagenfurt compete in triathlons and many triathletes come to the Lindwurm city to train.


Birthplace of the Ironman Austria

The Ironman Austria has been held in Klagenfurt since 1998, and this has led to a real triathlon boom. What makes this Ironman particularly exciting is the fact that during the competition the athletes repeatedly return to the east bay – after the 3.8-kilometre swim to squeeze into their cycling outfit, and after the 180 kilometres on their bike to put their running shoes on and run the marathon along the Lend Canal and Lake Wörthersee. So fans do not have far to go to cheer their heroes on, which ensures there is a particularly buoyant atmosphere until deep into the night.


Swimming training in Lake Wörthersee

However, budding Ironmen and Ironwomen can also take advantage of this during their training. The lakeside beaches in Klagenfurt and Maria Loretto offer ideal conditions for swimming training, including secure lockers for valuables.


Running on the Ironman marathon track

Just a few metres away is the start of the perfectly signposted Ironman marathon track, on which the paintings and messages from the fans can still be seen long after the Ironman in June, and thus provide additional motivation when you are training. But if you are looking for variety while running, you should also conquer the popular Klagenfurt Half Marathon route around the provincial capital.


Cycle training on the official Ironman cycle routes

Thanks to a change to the route, Klagenfurt now has not one but two Ironman running routes, which are steeped in history and well signposted: the original Ironman circular route of 87.7 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 1,500 metres, and the large Ironman loop of 176 kilometres, which has been ridden since 2019 and extends the classic circular route including the crisp Rupertiberg by a detour to Feldkirchen and St. Veit. A small tour of Carinthia filled with unforgettable experiences of the scenery. But away from these routes, Carinthia is a varied road bike terrain.


Holidays apart from training

Apart from peak sporting performances during training, Klagenfurt is also a great place to relax, with numerous attractions and activities to please the whole family. The varied cuisine strengthens the body with regional treats, and the Carinthians’ much-vaunted hospitality does the rest, to provide the perfect training holiday in the Ironman capital of Austria.


TIP: Some of the accommodation providers in Klagenfurt offer special triathlon or Ironman packages, and also specialise in meeting athletes’ other needs. Easily lockable cycle storage rooms, wellness areas, sports massages, tips on training facilities and many other useful offers can be found on their websites.