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Lake life

Lake Wörthersee. Interwoven with legends and stories, it is well-known from film and TV and loved by locals, guests from around the world and jet set celebrities alike.

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Worth seeing

During your visit, you should definitely set aside at least one full day for a sightseeing tour at Klagenfurt. That will give you plenty of time to see the many attractions that make Klagenfurt and the surrounding area so very special.

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Klagenfurt is famous for major sporting events such as the Ironman, Kärnten läuft or the United World Games, but sport plays a major role all year round for the people of Klagenfurt, whatever their age.

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The city of Klagenfurt was founded in 1246 and, in almost 800 years, has acquired plenty of history and culture. And we don’t wish to hide it from the visitors to our beautiful city.

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Guided tours

Probably the best way to discover what makes this city so special is a guided tour. In fact, Klagenfurt offers visitors several different opportunities to explore the city center and surrounding areas.

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Eating & Drinking

Klagenfurt boasts a wealth of restaurants, bars and coffeehouses that promise their guests exceptional wining and dining experiences during their holidays in Carinthia

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Shopping & Markets

What should never be left out on every classic city trip? Shopping, of course. In the historical old town of Klagenfurt, which is entirely a pedestrian zone, you are in just the right place.

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