Lake Wörthersee.

Interwoven with legends and stories, it is well-known from film and TV and loved by locals, guests from around the world and jet set celebrities alike. In Klagenfurt, you will find its wonderful eastern bay, which stretches to Maria Wörth. The public lidos in Klagenfurt, Maria Loretto and Maiernigg invite you to bathe in one of the warmest alpine lakes in Europe, with green sunbathing lawns and shady trees. Boat hire and fun sports, such as banana rides or Water Walking, will turn a day at the lake into a small adventure. In the spacious parklands which make up Europapark, with its skater park and adventure playground, you can relax, do sports or simply enjoy a delicious ice cream on a leisurely walk. There is also a campsite – further information can be found HERE.

Here in Klagenfurt, pleasant walks and bicycle tours often begin along the Lendkanal or on the shore of Lake Wörthersee. The Loretto peninsular is an idyllic location that juts out into the water, with a bar and restaurant there offering pleasant refreshment opportunities. The Kreuzbergl also reveals itself as a peaceful oasis: Just a few minutes’ walk from the town center itself, visitors are able to stroll through the forest and past small ponds.


his place which, at first glance, is reminiscent of the Caribbean, is actually located many, many flying hours closer, here in the south of Austria, promising summers filled with warmth amid gentle Alpine landscapes; sun, southern climes, a laid-back lifestyle – far from the sea, but a Mediterranean flavor nonetheless. This is a destination that unites that lifestyle with a tradition all its own, a modern worldview with deep culinary roots, relaxation with outdoor sporting activity in nature.  

Along the entire 17-kilometer shoreline of the Wörthersee, in Carinthia’s “Three Corners” region at the intersection of Austria, Italy and Slovenia, over the years a sense of playfulness and all-embracing southern lightness has developed here, tangible in varying degrees practically everywhere. From gourmet restaurants to traditional wine taverns, everyone finds something appealing to their personal tastes. The fish of the Wörthersee thrive in waters that are practically pure enough to drink, something you clearly taste in the outstanding flavor.  

Austria’s sunny southern reaches are proud of the leisurely lifestyle they are able to offer Central Europe, a reputation they are also happy to underscore with numerous special events and a vibrant nightlife that fits right in.  Experts and locals agree: What makes Wörthersee so exceptional is its special blend of lake and soul, of southern lifestyle and glorious sunshine. 

Bild: Ostbucht Bild: Ostbucht Foto: (c) Arnold Pöschl

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