Stadttheater Klagenfurt steht für besonderen Kulturgenuss


Theatres in Klagenfurt – unforgettable evenings with culture and interesting personalities

How about a theatre evening, which might be entertaining, inspiring or rousing, at unique locations in Klagenfurt? As the provincial capital, Klagenfurt is the location of prestigious cultural institutions and theatres that are rich in tradition, and it has a resilient and independent scene.

The Stadttheater has been a much-respected great in the international theatre world for decades, and is talked about time and again with its spectacular stage productions.

The many smaller, but at least equally passionate, players in Klagenfurt’s theatre landscape are of national importance, and attract audiences with much-talked-about premieres and modern reinterpretations of relevant classics.

The klagenfurter ensemble at Theaterhalle 11, for example, is deliberately positioned away from the mainstream, and scores with the most exciting world and Austrian premieres of Carinthian writers.

The Kammerlichtspiele in the city centre, originally conceived as a jazz club, has given a home to several theatre ensembles from the surrounding area, and focusses on topical in-house productions as well as theatre for children and young people.

Klagenfurt also offers what is probably the smallest theatre in the world! The association VADA plays the Jugendstiltheater in the Goethepark, which offers space for up to ten people depending on the event.

An unmissable annual event is the Klagenfurter Theatersommer, which upholds the tradition of the run-of-the-mill comedy and richly entertains guests and locals alike.