Langzeitbelichtung vom Ebenthaler Wasserfall bei Klagenfurt

Ebenthal – a jewel of nature with great charm

If you are looking for peace and relaxation in nature, this is just the right place for you. The unique natural habitats to the south-east of Klagenfurt can be actively discovered while hiking, cycling or even paragliding.

So close to Lake Wörthersee, yet in the heart of an entirely different world. In the market town of Ebenthal in Kärnten the outflow from Lake Wörthersee, the Sattnitz, flows into the Glan. Some secluded spots can be found here.


Sattnitz is not just the name of the river, but also of the ridge running south of the town centre, which is a popular local recreation area and an inviting spot not only for leisurely hikes, cycle or running tours, but also for airy adventures. Not far from the picturesque village of Radsberg is the high plateau 800 metres above sea level which serves as the home base and starting point for the Radsberg paragliding club.

Höflein Moor

The Höflein Moor on the Sattnitz ridge has been a protected natural site since 1965. It is the remains of a lake from the Ice Age which has silted up over the course of the millennia, and offers both experts and amateurs unique insights into the development of the vegetation. Unspoilt nature also dominates the shores of the two rivers which flow through the market town, and beavers have even repopulated the alluvial forests alongside the Glan and the Gurk.

Höflein Moor
(c) Gemeinde Ebenthal


On the shore is the somewhat hidden-seeming Kalmusbad, which is open from May to October. Swimming enthusiasts enjoy its unique charm. It takes its name from the marshland plant Kalmus, or calamus, which is said to possess a variety of medicinal powers.

Ebenthal waterfall

A jewel of nature that can be admired all year round. The imposing water and the surrounding forest are considered to be a place of power, and there are some beautiful options for hiking. Nestled between cliffs, the 40-metre-high waterfall offers a wonderful natural backdrop. In summer it is worth taking a detour into the gorge to cool off.

Ebenthal Castle

The 16th century saw the start of brisk castle-building activity in the area surrounding Klagenfurt. In this era Christoph von Neuhaus, then Lord of Greifenfels, also erected a new castle building from scratch, and on 14 September 1567 he was given permission by the Archduke (Archduke Karl II) to name it “Ebenthal”. Then in 1704 Cardinal Johann Trooch von Goosen acquired the castle for his nephew Johann Peter Graf Goess, and it has remained in the ownership of this family until today. In the 18th century the Counts von Goess renovated the castle. In 1748 Josef Ferdinand Fromiller, probably the best-known Carinthian Baroque painter, was commissioned to paint frescoes in the large hall in the depths of the second floor.

(c) Eva Windisch

Ebenthal Parish Church

The provost’s residence and the parish church in the town of Gurnitz is considered to be the oldest Church of St Martin in Carinthia. Even at the time of the early medieval royal court, Gurnitz must have been an important religious centre. The Maria Hilf parish church in Ebenthal offers an important historical example of the architecture of pilgrimage churches to the Virgin Mary from the 18th century.

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