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Klagenfurt stands for Alps-Adriatic culinary experiences, quality of life between the old town and the lake, and a sporty and active lifestyle. These three factors are closely interwoven and are especially reflected in the provincial capital’s lively sports scene. The mixture of Mediterranean ambience and alpine scenery makes this Renaissance city and the region surrounding it perfect for a wide variety of sporting activities. In the turquoise waters of Lake Wörthersee or on the unspoilt slopes of the Southern Alps – the backdrop is an absolute treat for the eyes of hobby athletes and professional athletes alike.

Sports Events in 2020:

- Wörthersee Triathlon: 29.-31.5.2020 CANCELLED
- Klagenfurt City Run: 6.6.2020 CANCELLED
- Lendkanal Crossing: 28.6.2020 POSPONED
- Ironman Austria: 20.9.2020 NEW APPOINTMENT
- Carinthia Runs: 21.-23.8.2020
- Wörthersee Swim: 5.- 6.9.2020

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One of the most popular sporting events in Klagenfurt’s city centre


As the name implies, the Klagenfurt City Run takes you through the centre of the Carinthian provincial capital; a sporty combination of the city’s Mediterranean flair and Austro-Italian architecture, so to speak. Various competitions, ranging in distance from 200 metres to 10 kilometres, guarantee that every runner will find their perfect distance. There are races for younger children and school children around the Lindwurm, as well as the more demanding 5 and 10 kilometre routes.

Probably the most popular athletic event within the Klagenfurt ring roads takes place on 6th June 2020 this year. Due to the spatial situation in the winding alleys of the historical old town, the event organisers have chosen to limit the number of participants to 1,400 to ensure the high quality of the race.

Depending on the race and time of registration the starting fee ranges from 4 to 17 Euros, with each participant receiving a packed starter’s goodie bag and, when they reach the finish line, also a medal. Athletes are cheered on by the many spectators who, together with plenty of refreshment stations, ensure an excellent, scenic and sporty experience.


When: 6.6.2020 , 19:30 (Main Competition)
Where: Altstadt Klagenfurt
Distances / programme:
- Chrildren's races
- School children’s races
- Old town race 5 km
- Old town race 10 km
- Team competition 5km
Further information on the individual distances and times can be found HERE!
Magistrat der Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
DS Klagenfurt Sport
Siebenhügelstraße 107
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
Phone: 0463/537-5174 oder -5175


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