Wandern durch Zell Pfarre
(c) Kärnten Werbung, Jörg Schmöe

Hiking around Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Klagenfurt lies not only on Lake Wörthersee, but also in the heart of the mountain region of Carinthia. So it is no surprise that the Lindwurm city also makes the ideal base camp for a wide variety of hikes in southern Austria.

What more could hiking lovers desire? To the north of Klagenfurt, the hills of Central Carinthia are steeped in history and await explorers with a thirst for knowledge. To the east, it is not far to the gently rolling hills of the Saualpe. To the south, the craggy summits of the Karawanken beckon, and there are even some lovely hiking options around Lake Wörthersee.

Spectacular views: Wörthersee circular hiking trail

Once round Lake Wörthersee, or “just” one of the four stages? No matter! Even when walked in parts, the Wörthersee circular hiking trail is an unforgettable experience at any time of year. On the well-marked 55-kilometre hiking trail over the 440- to 850-metre-high hills around the turquoise lake, you can conquer a difference in altitude of around 2,200 metres as you ascend and descend, and repeatedly catch spectacular views. Stage 2 from Reifnitz to Krumpendorf and the subsequent stage 3 from Krumpendorf to Pörtschach are also easy to reach on foot from Klagenfurt.

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Fairy tale Bodental Valley

Just a few minutes’ drive away, south of Klagenfurt, in the Bodental Valley there is a little hiking paradise for all ages. Discover the bottomless Meerauge, the enchanted fairy tale meadow, and enjoy the spectacular view of the majestic Karawanken while you sit in the southern sun at the Bodenbauer alpine restaurant. The Tscheppaschlucht gorge and the treetop rope course provide guaranteed adventure.

(c) Kärnten Werbung, Steinthaler

Hearty Klagenfurter Hütte

From the Bodental Valley you can also reach the Klagenfurter Hütte, although this is also (more easily) accessible via the neighbouring Bärental Valley. From the Johannsenruhe car park you can take the gentle gravel tracks or the steep path through the middle of the Matschacher Alm to the Klagenfurter Hütte, where you will be rewarded with the spectacular location in the limestone caldera and hearty cuisine (the roast pork is excellent!).

It is around 6 kilometres there and back, and the ascent covers a difference in altitude of 366 metres. From the Klagenfurter Hütte you can reach the other surrounding peaks, such as the fairly simple Kosiak, the Bielschiza, or also the challenging Hochstuhl.

(c) Carnica Region Rosental, Jörg Schmöe

Cosy Koschutahaus

The Koschutawand rock face is visible from far away, and is almost an emblem of the Karawanken. At the foot of the mighty limestone columns lies the cosy Koschutahaus. It can also be reached by car via a rough gravel track, but the ascent via the original miners’ village of Zell Pfarre is much more attractive – and then you will also have honourably earned the excellent “miners’ strudel”!

Karawanken: Southern Alps Panorama Trail

The Klagenfurter Hütte, the Bodental Valley and the Koschutahaus are connected by the Southern Alps Panorama Trail. This long-distance hiking trail extends for 286 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 17,700 metres, from the Wurzen Pass on the border with Italy via the Mittagskogel near Villach along the southern border of Carinthia with Slovenia, leading to Bad Eisenkappel in the south-east and finally past Bleiburg to the Saualpe in East Carinthia. All 20 stages are easy to reach by car from Klagenfurt.

(c) Carnica Region Rosental, Wolfgang Ehn

Klagenfurt: the hiking hub in southern Austria

So Klagenfurt is obviously the ideal place for a hiking holiday in Carinthia. In the evening here you can enjoy the buzzing city life, and during the day you can scale a summit. In summer you can cool off in the lake after hiking, and in spring and autumn you can add on a little shopping tour after your hiking tour.

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