Kreuzbergl Lauf im Schatten
(c) Tine Steinthaler

Running with a view of the city and the lake

Klagenfurt is great for running, particularly on the Kreuzbergl, the local recreation area for the people of Klagenfurt. Here a varied running territory between the city and Lake Wörthersee awaits everyone who is either already fit, or wanting to get fit.

The Kreuzbergl extends to the west of Klagenfurt to Lake Wörthersee, and is easy to spot even from far away by the dome of the observatory. So simply run towards the dome, and in just a few minutes you will be in the middle of the forest.

Soft forest floor, moderate inclines

The seamless transition from the park landscape to the east of the Kreuzbergl to the dense mixed forest to the west makes a relaxed circuit of the Kreuzbergl particularly charming. The ground under your feet consists largely of the soft forest floor, with a few patches of roots here and there. The inclines are mostly moderate, but you can also incorporate one or two mountain runs into your training.

(c) Tine Steinthaler

Varied running terrain with a real view

However, the best thing about the Kreuzbergl is that again and again you can put together new routes, follow little paths and make unexpected discoveries. This makes the Kreuzbergl a very varied running area, which is always fun. And of course a run on the Kreuzbergl also comes with a real view, over the whole of the city and Lake Wörthersee.

(c) Tine Steinthaler

The most popular running routes on the Kreuzbergl

While even the locals can discover a new route around the Kreuzbergl nearly every day, there are two particularly popular basic routes:

  • The path to the Zillhöhe: From the car park at the Fischerwirt by the easternmost Kreuzbergl pond, this path leads directly to the Zillhöhe with a picturesque view over the east bay of Lake Wörthersee, and back again. In around 8 kilometres you will conquer a difference in altitude of 155 metres, and cross the whole Kreuzbergl area. For a longer version, you can also run down from the Zillhöhe into the east bay, and then back into the city via the Lend Canal.
  • The circular Kreuzbergl trail: The classic circular Kreuzbergl trail as run by the people of Klagenfurt. Here too you start at the Fischerwirt and work your way to the most prominent path junction, the “Weißer Hirsch”, and from there run back to the starting point in a wide arc. A hilly 4.7 kilometres with a difference in altitude of 140 metres.

But no matter which route you run on the Kreuzbergl, you will almost always pass the Kreuzbergl ponds and the Kreuzbergl meadow with its fitness course, where you can also do something for the rest of your body.

(c) Tine Steinthaler

So much to discover on the Kreuzbergl

Along the edge of the path near the Kreuzbergl meadow, there are sculptures made of natural materials by land art artist Manfred Stippich, which you can easily admire while doing your stretching exercises before or after your run. And you should keep your eyes open during every run on the Kreuzbergl! Not only because of the roots you might trip over, but above all because of the many big and small discoveries that such a relaxed forest run has to offer at every time of year.

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