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In harmony with nature: The valleys, rivers and hills in and around Grafenstein invite visitors to discover active outdoor recreation. But they have also served as inspiration for architects and artists, throughout history and even to the present day.

The hectic hustle & bustle of daily life rarely, if ever, intrudes upon Grafenstein. And if it does, it is only fleeting. This market town east of Klagenfurt lies at the foot of the picturesque Sattnitz hills, which nestle up gently against the green valley below. Every bit as gentle are the recreational opportunities which await visitors. Especially those that allow you to get out and discover untouched nature first-hand  – be that hiking, biking, or even fly-fishing along the banks of the Drava and Gurk rivers.

Schloss Saager outside Grafenstein is the creative focal point for famous Austrian artist and art professor Giselbert Hoke, which he explained in a 2011 interview as follows: “I am here, because nowhere else have I found anything better.”  Likewise privately owned is Schloss Grafenstein. Living here are the Orsini-Rosenbergs, whose family built this historic complex in the 17th century. They do also receive visitors: In an adjacent castle building that is no less feudal, you are also more than welcome to spend your holidays. Guests can learn fascinating historical information about both estates as well as other stately homes in Grafenstein during a guided castle tour.

One particular place of worship in the village of Dolina near Grafenstein certainly has an unusual name: Mary of the Forest Pilgrimage and Autobahn Church. It was remodeled around the turn of the millennium, standing at the same site once occupied by a simple wooden chapel that commemorated an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1849. Two glass windows in the church, which is also intended to serve as a place of respite for through-travelers, were designed by Giselbert Hoke.


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Bild: Kirche St. Peter Bild: Kirche St. Peter Foto: (c) Andrea Schnögl

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