Wondrous Treasures

Sacred treasures, then and now: In the market town of Poggersdorf, you can travel that eternal road in search of meaning via very contrasting paths – from a Celtic-Roman place of worship to a “classic” parish church and a Far Eastern pagoda.

It isn’t only the green treasures of Mother Nature that surprise visitors to the market town of Poggersdorf just east of Klagenfurt. Over the course of time, various historical treasures have also been left behind in what is otherwise a very rural setting. These include – in addition to a pot containing 757 medieval silver coins unearthed in the last century – a Celtic fountain in the village of Wabelsdorf. This Celto-Romanic temple district has been reconstructed true to the original and may be visited at any time. Remnants of Roman grave epitaphs can also be found in Poggersdorf parish church, which dates from the 12th or no later than the 13th century. They were incorporated into the walls themselves in order to exorcise any pagan influence.

The rural architecture that characterizes the face of Poggersdorf goes back, in some instances, to the 18th and 19th centuries.  The stables, above all, which are so-called buttress & brick-lattice buildings and often feature artistically designed windows, are a source of boundless fascination, and not merely for students of architecture. A striking contrast is provided by the Pagoda of the Dhamma Light, built in 1992 in the village of St. Michael ob der Gurk. This radiantly white structure with its golden pointed arches belongs to International Meditation Center Austria.
Responsible for “illumination” of a different kind is the Rain an der Gurk power plant near Poggersdorf .

The power generated here also fed the first ever electric lightbulb in Klagenfurt back in 1902. Later, the plant supplied all of Central Carinthia. Today it is home to an interesting museum of technology, while its modern heart still continues to produce green hydroelectric energy.


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Bild: Höfleinmoor Ebenthal Bild: Höfleinmoor Ebenthal Foto: (c) Gemeinde Ebenthal

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