Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten, Bezirksstelle Klagenfurt
Die Junge Wirtschaft Kärnten


Here you’ll find everything you need to know. Simply check out the information provided on this site and save yourself a lot of time and energy:

Setting up a Business: Gründerservice Kärnten

Guide for Business Start-ups: Interested in starting a new business? The “Gründerservice Kärnten” will help you achieve your professional goals.

Junge Wirtschaft: Junior Chamber Carinthia

Are you looking to connect and network with other entrepreneurs? Or maybe you’re just eager to find like-minded people to exchange ideas and thoughts? Well, look no further – you’ve come to the right place: Junior Chamber Carinthia. Why don’t you give it a try?

Tourist Information Klagenfurt

Contacting the tourist information office is an easy way to start exploring Klagenfurt and its surroundings. Here the multilingual staff will answer all your questions, help you find accommodations, provide information on leisure/recreational activities and more. Read on to find out the office’s opening times.

City Maps of Klagenfurt

The City of Klagenfurt’s mapping applications allow you to view and search for a variety of local data. Click on the link below to access the all the city maps available on this website.

Public Transport

You don’t have a car? No need to worry. Klagenfurt and its inhabitants take public transportation very seriously. Click the link below to find out more about important topics, such as Klagenfurt bus lines, bicycle rental, e-mobility and car rental.

City Guide Klagenfurt & Wörthersee-Klagenfurt Plus Card

To get the new ”City Guide Klagenfurt” App for your smartphone, click the link below. In addition, you’ll also find more information on the ”Wörthersee-Klagenfurt Plus Card”.

Where to park in Klagenfurt

Every city has its own specific parking system. Want to know how the payment system works and where to find your perfect parking space? Read on to find out more.