Probably the best way to discover what makes this city so special is a guided tour.

In fact, Klagenfurt offers visitors several different opportunities to explore the city center and surrounding areas.

During a History Walk, for example, the guide strolls side-by-side with tour participants, sharing expert background information about Klagenfurt’s monuments and sightseeing attractions.The tour starts at Dr.-Arthur-Lemisch-Platz and takes you, in about 90 minutes, to the most beautiful places and sights in the city. The guides provide the background information to the sights. At the end, there won’t be much that you don’t know about the history of this beautiful city.


austriaguides are true insiders. Their goal is to introduce you and your guests to Carinthia’s art treasures, our culture and the unique natural beauty of our countryside, along with the actual lifestyle of the Carinthians themselves. Though our guides are experts in matters of history, they are very much in touch with the modern pulse of this city as well. And because this is their home, they are also savvy to the hottest tips. They are a dedicated team of specially trained, state-certified guides. Their badges stand out, making them easy to recognize on the street.

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Association of State-Certified Carinthian Tour Guides
9229 Velden

T: +43 676 84 26 72 100
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Bild: Lindwurm Bild: Lindwurm Foto: Franz Gerdl

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