Sports and leisure

Klagenfurt is famous for major sporting events such as the Ironman, Kärnten läuft or the United World Games, but sport plays a major role all year round for the people of Klagenfurt, whatever their age. So we are able to offer our guests a sports infrastructure that can hardly be found anywhere else. The shore of Lake Wörthersee, in the picturesque east bay, is the starting point for a large number of sporting activities. Swimmers, cyclists, runners and inline skaters meet here to flex their muscles along the shore of the emerald-green Lake Wörthersee. But you can also work up a sweat in Klagenfurt by doing other sports, such as golf, tennis or riding. And of course another option is hiking in the region, when you can enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery at close quarters. For young trend sport enthusiasts, we have a skater park to meet their every need and several beach volleyball courts. And the Hollywood-style workout in the form of stand up paddle boarding can be enjoyed on the city’s waterways and in the east bay.

When winter takes hold of the city, the small lakes in and around the city and the Lend Canal turn into the largest natural Eldorado for ice skaters. Ice hockey fans can also chase the puck on these open-air pitches, but another option is the ice sport centre at the Kärtner Messen site. The city also has a range of excellent fitness centres for everyone who is not so keen on physical exercise in the cold. The main running routes along the Lend Canal and the rivers Glan and Sattnitz and on the Kreuzbergl are very popular even during the colder times of year – because they mostly lead alongside the water.


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