Gemeindeamt von Grafenstein
(c) Gemeinde Grafenstein

Grafenstein – enjoy peace and quiet

In harmony with nature: the lowlands, rivers and hills in the market town of Grafenstein not only invite you to relax actively by doing sport, but have also inspired building owners and artists right up to the present day.

The hustle and bustle of daily life will soon be forgotten, even if you go to Grafenstein for only a short time. The market town to the east of Klagenfurt lies at the foot of the picturesque, hilly Sattnitz landscape. Whether it is hiking, cycling or fly fishing along the Drau and the Gurk, the leisure options attract many visitors here.

Castles in Grafenstein

Saager Castle near Grafenstein was the centre of the creative work of the well-known Austrian artist and art professor Giselbert Hoke.

“I am here, because nowhere else have I found anything better.”

Giselbert Hoke, interviewed in 2011.

Grafenstein Castle is also in private ownership. It is the home of the Orsini-Rosenberg family, whose ancestors built the historic complex in the 17th century.

(c) Johann Jaritz

Pilgrimage Church Heilige Maria im Walde

The pilgrimage and road church Heilige Maria im Walde in the town of Dolina near Grafenstein has an unusual name. It was redesigned around the turn of the century, and stands in the place where previously only a simple wooden chapel commemorated an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1849. Two glass windows in the church, which is also intended to serve as a spiritual resting place for people travelling through, were designed by Giselbert Hoke.

Church Dolina
(c) Andrea Schnögl

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