Destinations in the surrounding area

Experience the best that the area around Klagenfurt am Wörthersee has to offer. The provincial capital of Carinthia is not just known for Lake Wörthersee and the Renaissance old town. Thanks to its geographical location in the middle of Carinthia, the destinations around the lake and other top experiences in Carinthia are quick and easy to reach. The variety of landscapes and the exceptional range of leisure activities cannot be found anywhere else.

Do you love picturesque scenic panoramas? Then combine this with a pinch of adrenaline, and venture up to see the breathtaking view from the airy heights of the Pyramidenkogel.

A special treat among the fortresses and castles – and it will take your breath away! Hochosterwitz Castle towers high up on a cliff. The well-preserved condition of the castle buildings is remarkable, and the history of a powerful noble family brings fairy-tale fantasies to life. You can try regional specialities in the castle restaurant.

Escape from the stress of daily life, and treat yourself to active recreation in the Tscheppaschlucht Gorge and at the emerald-green Meerauge in the Bodental Valley. A paradise in the open air, where first-class Carinthian cuisine meets unspoilt gems of nature.

Feel like discovering history and strolling through different eras? Maria Saal is a real treasure trove. This municipality lies to the north of Klagenfurt, and is a well-known place of pilgrimage. Experience treats for your palate at the cosy Gasthof Sandwirt or the typically Carinthian Restaurant Leiten.

Hochosterwitz Castle

Fairy tale Bodental Valley

Pyramidenkogel – lake Wörthersee from above

Maria Saal – hiking on historic soil