Themed guided tours

Discover what makes Klagenfurt am Wörthersee a special place

Austria’s southernmost provincial capital is worth exploring time and time again. Guided tours of the city with certified tourist guides, exclusive culinary tours and tours by vintage bus or boat reveal the different facets of Klagenfurt.

Away from the Lindwurm Fountain or Lake Wörthersee there are all sorts of hidden treats to be discovered. Klagenfurt not only has a captivatingly refreshing buzz around Lake Wörthersee, but also a variety of cultural offerings and places of historical interest which lead into labyrinthine inner courtyards in the old town. But it is also the secret histories that make Klagenfurt fascinating. Whether it is bakers, tower warders, or blood and thunder – in Klagenfurt there is no shortage of material for adventures. Or of tour guides: so where do you want to go today?

Guided tour of the Fuchs Chapel

Themed guided tours

Rambling through the old town

Geocaching in Klagenfurt