Halbmarathonstrecke entlang der Lend
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Half marathon

See all of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in just one half marathon? No problem! On the well-signposted and traffic-free half marathon route shaded by trees, you will run once around the Lindwurm city and experience all its facets from close up.

In Klagenfurt, the 21.0975 kilometres of the half marathon almost run themselves. As you run along the banks of the Sattnitz, the Glan and the Lend Canal, and the shore of Lake Wörthersee, through the middle of fondly laid-out parks and through a conservation area, in the shade of the trees you will hardly break a sweat. Well, you might sweat a little, but there are around nine drinking fountains along the route to compensate for the loss of fluid.

If you simply run out of breath, you can take the bus, a Nextbike or an electric scooter at any time to shorten the route a little, or take a breather in a guest garden. But that can’t happen to you – so join us on a “short” running lap.

Start your run in the Europapark

We start at the southern end of the Europapark, directly alongside the skatepark with a view of the Seepark Hotel. Warm up and stretch first, then off you go, or rather off you run. We jog along the Lend Canal towards the shore of the lake, and cross the canal at the Buffet Tramway, where we are already thinking of the electrolyte-rich cold drink we will allow ourselves here in around 21 kilometres. But first we have to run on through the bog forest of the conservation area on the Lendspitz to the Sattnitz.

Run along the Sattnitz to the south of the city

The Sattnitz or Glanfurt is the outflow from Lake Wörthersee, and flows to the south of the city until it opens out into the Glan in the south-east. We now more or less follow its course. This is pleasant especially in summer, as the trees along the way give us shade while we can also dip our feet into the cooling water now and again. But let’s not take too many breaks here, as we still have a long way to go.

Soon the impressive silhouette of the Wörthersee Stadion appears to the north of our running route. Here we can either change to a gravel track along the southern bank of the Sattnitz for a few hundred metres, which will revive our tired legs. Or we can stay on the northern bank and run through the Sattnitzpark, where families are enjoying their barbecues.

Be careful: if you stop here for a few stretching exercises, you risk a ravenous appetite for barbecued food! We run on through housing developments and small parks, until we pass the Tennisbuffet Weinländer after kilometre 5 of our route – an insider’s tip for a short toilet break.

After kilometre 10 we run along the Glan again

Towards kilometre 10 we always stay on the northern bank of the Sattnitz, running past small open-air swimming pools and allotments, until we meet the Glan in the Ebenthal district. We follow this north-westwards along its southern bank. Then we cross the magical and extraordinarily cool Fischl-Park with its goldfish ponds and numerous benches for a short rest. In summer there are also drinking fountains here for refreshment. We have already completed a good half of the route!

From Welzenegg Castle to Klinikum Klagenfurt (Klagenfurt Hospital)

Soon after the Fischl-Park we change to the other bank of the Glan, and thanks to the dense vegetation on the bank from now on we constantly have shade on our running route. Soon the venerable Welzenegg Castle appears with its distinctive round towers and the small walled park.

Here once again there is an alternative gravel route along the southern bank, which could take the strain off our legs a little. But if we change banks here, we will miss the little Ufergassen-Park and the drinking fountain there.

The Prof.-Deutsch-Gassen-Park soon follows, where to the right of the running track we can make out the old bed of the Glan, which is now flowing to the left of us.

We then run through two underpasses to the Klinikum Klagenfurt. We turn off left and cross the hospital grounds from north to south, in order to run through Dr.-Franz-Palla-Gasse into Klagenfurt city centre.

NB: On this street we have to use the pavement for a while! Otherwise the entire half marathon route comprises walking and cycling paths that are free from cars.

Through the culture quarter and along the Lend to our destination

As soon as we have crossed the St.-Veiter-Ring, there are only 5 more kilometres to complete – and they are the 5 most beautiful! Through the Achterjägerpark, the Goethepark and the Schillerpark we run through Klagenfurt’s art and culture quarter, and enjoy the fondly laid-out parks. Here too we find another drinking fountain for refreshment.

Then we run on through an underpass (take care: cyclists ride through here very fast and this place is quite confusing!) down into the Lendhafen. Here there is another public toilet (insert coins!) and a drinking fountain.

Now we are on the home straight towards the Europapark. We give it our all again along the picturesque Lend Canal with its villas, and now and then we are able to sidestep onto the softer path directly along the bank. We pass the Morle ice cream parlour (but don’t stop now!), the University quarter and finally also the extensive leisure facilities in the east bay of Lake Wörthersee.

However, although our destination is in sight, we have to turn off to the right once more and run a short lap around the spaciously laid out Europapark to complete our 21.0975 kilometres.

Super, we have completed the Klagenfurt half marathon! But now all we want is to head quickly for the cooling waters of Lake Wörthersee, or at least to the Tramway for a cellar-chilled Schleppe beer.

Perfect running conditions on the half marathon route in Klagenfurt

By the way, the nice thing about Klagenfurt’s half marathon route is that you can also run it in stages. Every section has its own very special charm. Apart from a short stretch on Dr.-Franz-Palla-Gasse, the running route is entirely on walking and cycle paths, is perfectly signposted and is also cleared and managed in winter. So there is only your inner couch potato to stop you enjoying a running experience in Klagenfurt …

Tip: Maria Saal half marathon: If you would rather run up and down the same route instead of a circular route, we recommend the new half marathon route to the north of the city. This takes you along the Glan Cycle Path, on mostly soft ground, behind Mageregg Castle for a short while, and then via Karnburg and the historic Zollfeld until you are almost in the old ducal town of St. Veit, and then back again. The Romanesque Cathedral in Maria Saal watches over every single step.

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