Strandbad Klagenfurt
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Lakeside beaches

In Klagenfurt you can swim in every shade from natural green to bright turquoise. There is a wide range of recreation options, extending far beyond the well-known Strandbad Klagenfurt beach with all the benefits this has to offer. What could be nicer than jumping into the water? In Klagenfurt you will find just the right lakeside beach for your taste. As well as Lake Wörthersee there are also other popular bathing places.

Swim in the crystal-clear water

Water of 28 degrees, with shimmering sunlight reflected on the lake. In the bathing spots in Klagenfurt, the summery lightness of being reigns. Whichever lifestyle you choose, the traditional lakeside beaches have long since caught up with the modern spirit of the times.

Strandbad Klagenfurt

Strandbad Klagenfurt is not only the largest lakeside swimming place in Europe, but is also filled with childhood memories. Everyone in Klagenfurt has been here at some point, or even spent half their youth there.

If your season ticket is your constant companion alongside your pleasant honey-coloured complexion, you will know the difference between the various piers at the beach: the KAC pier to the south belongs to the athletes. This is where both youngsters and the young-at-heart pose and flirt. The diving boards vibrate, and children need around 35 seconds for the 114-metre water slide.

The middle pier is known for its mixed public of sun worshippers. It is also a good place from which to reach the swimming island further way. In recent years the load-bearing capacity of the pier’s wooden piles has almost been doubled, and they have been covered in especially weather-resistant larch wood from Carinthia.

People who want to stay far away from the hustle and bustle withdraw to the boat pier, whose best-known guest is probably the Governor of Carinthia, Peter Kaiser. Incidentally, there are also separate women’s sunbathing places on the boathouse alongside.

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The wide sandy beach is not only reserved for little ones, flanked here and there by awnings, but also has protective barriers to stop them getting into the deeper water.

It feels almost like Italy here – only with a mountain view. And a very special tip for relaxed mums: book an open-air massage behind white curtains!

Strandbad Loretto

Strandbad Loretto is an attitude to life. This is where everyone comes who knows what they want out of life: natural surroundings, and plenty of time for themselves and their loved ones.

In Loretto families meet seniors. Some snorkel in the clear water, while others read a summer bestseller. Here everyone can be what they are. There are stand up paddle boards to hire for the sporty types, while the business beach with free Wi-Fi is for busy people. Loretto is considered to be a gem. Just the right place to get some fresh air into your life!

Strandbad Maiernigg

Strandbad Maiernigg lies at the southern start of the east bay of Lake Wörthersee. With over a hectare of green space, it is the perfect summer playground for families with children, who appreciate the shallow waters at the edge of the lake. But they are also joined by young couples and regular visitors. The family beach is a colourful mixture!

Whether you like a sunny spot or naturally shaded areas, after a while you might want to try the water sports on offer at the water ski school. You can also book motorboat round trips, tyre rides and wakeboarding.


The Kalmusbad at the south-eastern edge of Klagenfurt lies concealed among the man-high cornfields in Ebenthal. The shady parking behind tall trees is ideal, and somewhat reminiscent of camping.

This extremely child-friendly pool turns out to be a secluded insider tip when it comes to swimming. Both children and parents will love the open space that is not too big, and the contraflow from the Sattnitz encourages children who are confident swimmers to frolic in the water.

This quaint little spot takes its name from the marshland plant Kalmus, or calamus, which is said to possess a variety of medicinal powers; in Asian medicine and among the indigenous peoples of North America, calamus is said to act as a tonic for gastrointestinal problems.

(c) Wolfgang Handler
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