Austria’s largest “Krampus” parade

23rd November at 19.00

Over 1.5 km from the train station, along Bahnhofstraße to Alter Platz. With over 1,000 “Krampus” and “Perchte”, wolfmen and witches, the largest “Krampus” parade in Austria moves through the streets and squares of Klagenfurt. The sinister figures are deeply anchored in the traditions of the Alpine region and represent the sinister side of the cold season. Yet once the heavy wooden masks are taken off, the faces underneath will join you for a jolly drink at one of the Christmas markets in the city.

Traditions on the Christmasmarket

Holy Barbara 4th December, 17.00
Branches reveal love happiness and are given to visitors. Explanations to the custom come from experts Wolfgang Lattacher from the Carinthian Customs Association, models in beautiful winter costumes, the Trachtenhaus Max Strohmeier from Weitensfeld.

Holy Nicolas 6th December, 17.00
On December 6, Saint Nikoaus also visits the Christkindlmarkt in Klagenfurt and of course has small gift bags for the youngest visitors.

Holy Lucia 13th December, 16.00
The festival of light. The holy Lucia is already called the bringer of light in the darkest time of the year. Visitors receive small candles. Here too explain the customs background is Dr. Wolfgang Lattacher the backgrounds and the Trachtenhaus Max Strohmeier distributes presents.

Farmers’ New Year’s Eve

30th December 2019 Neuer Platz, starting at 19.30

Christmas market in the city

Exactly one day before New Year’s Eve – on 30th December – the farmers celebrate their own New Year’s Eve, the Farmers’ New Year’s Eve. Customs, fun games, looking into the future, Carinthian dishes and music by “Edlseer”  will see out the old year.

• Farmers’ oracle • Barn photo box • Lucky blacksmith • Clog throwing • Fencepost counting • Hat hopping

With entertainment from: Ebersteiner Kirchtagsmusi  • Die Edlseer

Bauernsilvester - Matakustix Bauernsilvester - Matakustix (c) Tourismus Region Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

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