Tafelspitz im Gasthaus zum Landhaushof, der Tafelspitz wird in einem Suppentopf serviert, in Extraschüsseln kommen Semmelkren, Spinat, geröstete Kartoffel

10 addresses for really good meals in Klagenfurt

Are you looking for a really delicious meal in Klagenfurt? Then we have the following ten tips. From home-style to oriental, from rustic to romantic, from a celebrity host to an award-winning pub. All excellent in their own way. And all worth a visit.

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The best gateaux and cakes in Klagenfurt

Do you know that special, urgent nagging sensation between your palate and your stomach? Sugar cravings! The feeling that you have to get some sugar (or something sugar-like) into your bloodstream, and pronto! To be honest: it befalls me personally every day, always between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

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