Halbinsel Maria Loretto

Maria Loretto peninsula

The place on Lake Wörthersee where most people want to be is probably the Maria Loretto headland, in Klagenfurt’s east bay. This magical place manages

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Strandbad Klagenfurt

Lakeside beaches

In Klagenfurt you can swim in every shade from natural green to bright turquoise. There is a wide range of recreation options, extending far beyond

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Lake Wörthersee

What are just some of the things you can do at Lake Wörthersee? Enjoy the peace and recharge your batteries, but also have all sorts

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Höflein Moor


Höflein Moor is a conservation area on the ridge of the Sattnitz mountains in the market town of Ebenthal, a few kilometres outside Klagenfurt am

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Kreuzbergl lädt zum Laufen

Vineyards up close

Who does not love a good glass of wine with the ones they love, at the one moment in the day when peace and enjoyment

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